7. Jun, 2017

My Flash & Dash #5 - 28th May

My fifth event was planned to be at Tesco's supermarket at the Mayflower Retail Park in Basildon. I had also arranged for three nearby caches to be released during the meeting. 

When I arrived a few minutes early, I spotted Rachel'n'Redd and Cazmocket already chatting. I quickly joined in and the subject of TBs came up. Suddenly the parcel shelf of Caz's car was full of  bugs and coins laid out like a costermonger's barrow.🤣

The Mathsnut team turned up and there was a discussion on what the collective term for Mathsnuts was. Various terms were discussed from arrays and sets to equations were mentioned. As Mathsnut is a statistician, I researched that the collective term for statisticians is an inference!

The discussion moved on to Australia, boats, puzzles and all sorts of stuff with no more attendees arriving.😟 On cue, my caches were released and the ensemble set off to gather their FTFs with me following on to see if I could pick up,any technique tips. Then we all said our bye-byes. Until the next time, peeps.