8. Jun, 2017

It's All About The Numbers Now - 1st June

I've been interested in a challenge cache JJ "500" for a while. Basically the total of caches found in a day, a month and in a continuous streak must equal or better than 500. Now my best in a day is 66 and in a streak is 184. These total 250 so I would need 250 in a month to qualify for the challenge. I have only found 243 in total during a month. If only I'd known about this challenge before.🙁

Now I have been looking at June as a favourable month for sometime. It has five Thursdays and that is my caching day so it seems like June is the month to try to smash this challenge. So this month is going to be about numbers. I'm going to concentrate of tackling some decent series of caches to be able to achieve this.

So today, I have selected Shotley in Suffolk as a decent start to the month. My series is the Shotley Gate to Ewarton Circular and I'm going to back it up with some of the SEBC series. SEBC stands for the Suffolk Essex Borders Caches and they will be mainly cache and dashes.

On the day, I found 35 caches, mainly trads but some multis based around CMs. However the scenery was the winner. What a tragedy that HMS Ganges, the former naval training centre has been allowed to fall into decay. The most moving place was Shotley church with its naval graveyard.

On the caching front, I'm off and running and I have 35 towards my total of 250. 😀