10. Jun, 2017

Meandering Up The A12 - 8th June

Playing the numbers game, I decided to pick up some of the series of caches placed near to the A12. I'd already done most of them up as far as Eight Ash Green to the east of Colchester so that seemed a good place to start.😀

So the day was spent popping from A12 cache to A12 cache picking off others on route. I picked up some caches that were part of the Stamp series that have been placed on post boxes. These are of special interest to me as I am and I'll say it out loud, a member of the Letter Box Study Group.

It was geocaching that got me interested in letter boxes. 🙁I was seeing so many different varieties of letter boxes whilst I was out caching so I got interested and now it's come full circle. For the record, this series of Stamp caches have all been placed on E2R pedestal post boxes. There have been on varieties such as  Abbotts, Carronades, Carron Eng, and Romecs. 📮

So I meandered north on the A12 towards Ipswich passing through Ardleigh, Langham, Stratford St Mary and Capel St Mary taking time to look at the scenery, pick up some Village Signs until I ran out of time. There was one moment where I lost my iPhone and it took me some time to find it. I think that I looked in all the difficult places first and there it was right in front of me on the ground. To make matters worse, I had a DNF at the cache that I was looking for.

I found 38 caches and had about five DNFs.