13. Jun, 2017

Yomping On Canvey - 11th June

Sunday afternoon and I need a walk to blow the cobwebs away. I'll only be gone for an hour (or so😉) so I'll have a go at some more of this new series on West Canvey Marshes. I know that it's a click out onto the sea wall so I'll have to yomp it but at least I won't have the Bergen pack on my back.

All the caches that I have in mind are trads so they should all be findable. The first #11 was a quick find of a tube craftily tucked away in the roof of the bird hide. The second, at Any Which Way, was a false rock hidden in the grass, and the third, #10 was the same m.o. as #11.😀

The next one was trickier. Take A Seat gives you a good idea of what you are after, especially as there are two picnic tables at GZ. However the title and the hint were a ruse as the camouflaged kinder egg was well hidden along a fence line about 15m away🙁. I made up some time at Pucker Up, a nano hidden at a kissing gate and was soon within sight of the sea wall and the next cache some 250m in the distance. Kissing Gate was the same set up as the former cache site so another quick find.

Now its decision time! The furthest cache was 525m away and there were two caches on the way. Whilst I was here, I should really have a try, shouldn't I? Well that turned out to be my undoing.😢  The next cache was Blossom Hill, a 1.5/1.5, so should be easy enough. At GZ there was a bush and where the cache is, I'm still non the wiser but no worries, I'll get it on the way back.😎 Next up was Northwick Sluice, a concrete structure with loads of ironwork. I guessed that the 2.5/1.5 cache would be a magnetic or a hanging nano but again I'm none the wiser. 😡

The final cache was Yellow Stumpy, a 1/1.5, even I should be able to find this one for a third time lucky and luckily I was back on track.😀😀 Retracing my steps, I had another go at both of the DNFs that I had on the way but zero luck so it was time for a double quick yomp back to the car. I was only out for two hours and I wonder how many calories that I shed today.