19. Jun, 2017

I'm A Glutton For A Yomp - 12th June

Ok I'm nuts but I need the exercise and the numbers. I need to lose pounds and increase my cache tally. A bicycle would be a good tool for my tool bag but there wasn't one when I looked. So it's another yomp past yesterday's successes to Pucker Up and a detour off on another path north.

I had a quick find of #9, a nano under a seat and then off to another bird hide. However the bird hide had disappeared. I hadn't been here for a couple of years and on that occasion, in a wildlife group, I'd rather some uproar when I spotted a Grizzled Skipper butterfly. This is a rare butterfly in Essex and hadn't been seen this far south before! Btw, the cache, #8,  was a quick find tucked away by the fence.

The next cache, #7, was on the sea wall and similar to the others located at kissing gates. Again dilemma time, just time for one more?😟 I shouldn't really go for just one more as I always fail and over run in time and have to run back to the car. As I approached #6, I read the cache blurb. Oh ffs, it's a 4/2, had three recent DNFs and has only been found the once. 🙁 Even worse when I get there as GZ is a 15' by 4' Blackthorn thicket. I gave it 10 minutes which was probably nine minutes too long and conveniently ran out of time. 😉 However I know the FTF cachers and I now know which side of the thicket that it's on. I'll have to walk 1.5 Km out there again to be disappointed again though!