19. Jun, 2017

Another A12 Adventure - 15th June

In my quest for numbers, I had another meander on the road to Suffolk picking off caches, hoping to reduce my list of unfound caches in the A12 Corridor Caches and the SEBC series. I knew that I had NathanJHunt's permission to replace a couple of his missing caches and others if necessary. 

I replaced the A12 #11 as per the hint, as last week I realised that it was lost amongst mounds of motorists crud. I picked up a few more caches, working my way up to #4 in Capel St Mary for another quick replacement. I finally got up to #1 where there had been a number of DNFs so I replaced that one too. Happily Nathan was pleased with my work. 👍🏻

The next caches on my list were part of the SEBC series so off I went to nos. 141 and 142 in Belstead. Once I found somewhere to park along the narrow lane, I checked for nearby caches and log and behold, I was on top of Beware Of Train Spotters. I quickly found the trad under some false turf next to the bridge. I walked down the track to 141 and after a long search found the cache hidden in the foundations of a power pylon. However 142 was difficult as there were hawthorns and nettles. I had a long look but in the end I gave up.🙁

I moved on to 143 and 144 in Wherstead for quick finds, then Never Ending Story and a short drive to Redgate Lane, parking up on the bank of the River Orwell. I then failed at 145 and drove down the the CM at Freston. Luckily this church was open due to graveyard maintenance so I had a good look around. 

I found three more trads around Freston and three more of the SEBC series around Woolverstone before I ended up at the CM in Woolverstone. Now I haven't said what the weather was like. In the words of the sadly missed Carole Aherne, it was SCORCHIO 🌝 I quickly found the cache and went into the church to cool off. What a tremendous place plus it was one of those enlightened places that provide refreshments for visitors. There was tea, coffee, orange squash, ribena but what I wanted was water. I stood at the sink with a glass quaffing copious amounts of cool liquid gold. Once my thirst was slaked, it seemed like time for lunch but not until I had put a donation in the box.

After I had eaten, I decided that it would be better to pick off the 15 caches in the Woolverstone to Chelmondistone Circular series. It was a splendid walk, thankfully finding some caches that had recently been DNFed which took me about one and a half hours. Throw in the Orwell Views cache and it was worth the slog. I ended up back at the church and again sampled the refreshments but this time adding some orange squash to the mix.😀 It was time to head for home so I tried for a couple more caches on the return path of the A12, finding only the #10 of the Corridor Caches at Little Wenham.

So it was a day of trads, 40 found in total and a few DNFs. This was one of my better days recently, moving me a big step further towards my target.👏