22. Jun, 2017

Bordering On Essex

I had to have a late start today so decided to pick up a few more caches along the Essex and Suffolk border north west of Colchester. Interspersed with these were CMs, VS's, Fine Pairs with some of the Stamped series chucked in for good measure.

I dropped off in Kelvedon and  Eight Ash Green for some Stamped. A quick trad VS at the last village then a brief dabble in the Photophobia series, the Aquaphobia next to a bridge. I then picked off another six trads until I had my only DNF of the day at SEBC 068. It was hinted as "crest of a tree" whatever that is. It certainly didn't show up on my field side googling.🙁

I got back on track with SEBC 069 and 070 before working my way up to the CM at Bures. This cache summed up the day with the church in Suffolk and the cache in Essex. There was a splendid  Post Office here with a rare GVR Ludlow wall box. It's only the third Ludlow that I've ever seen. This was the highlight of the day for me. I also found a trad, The Office Cache #1 and the multi VS as well.

I then had a straight run of five of the SEBCs, 073 to 077. I gave 078 a miss as it hadn't been found for 18 months and headed straight for Lamarsh. There were a multi Fine Pair and a Stamped in close proximity. Once I'd found the errant hint item for the multi, the cache was a straight forward find. As the car was pointing in the direction of Alphamstone, I thought I'd check out the CM there. I had a DNF here last year but this time there was no problem.😀 

This was the last of the day so time to head home. Only 64 minutes to home if the roads are clear! So the tally for the day was 24 caches, a couple of multis, CMs and Fine Pairs plus some more post boxes surveyed.🤗