26. Jun, 2017

More Mill Meadow Meanders

I was only here on Friday but over the weekend, another three caches in the series were published. 😀 As I've got a spare hour so I've come for another walk over here. I was kicking myself last time here because I omitted to take a photo of the Red Poll cattle herd. Hopefully I will cross their path today.

However, the first thing on the agenda is to find the #4 that I DNFed before. I didn't need the new coordinates as I knew exactly where to go. I had a very quick find and on checking my app, I could see that there was a 38 metre discrepancy on the distance!! For the record, this is a very generous DT of 4/2. 😁

I'm now ready for the rest of the series. #7 - The Lion's Den is in a very muddy part of the woods down a slope. I'm looking for a hollow and see a likely spot. It's really soft underfoot and I get down and dirty but I'm in the wrong place. I go up the slope and down the slope but no joy. I decide to move on but put out a pfh text to Caz, who had found the cache yesterday. Luckily, she came back straight away with a further hint. I quickly found the hollow and the lion.🙂 It was galling that I'd only been a yard from GZ a few minutes before, looking in a hollow. This was the wrong sort of hollow!!

The next cache was #8 - Vitai Lampada Ferimus. The Latin phrase turns out to be the motto of Chelmsford County High School for Girls as well as the hint for the cache. Armed with this knowledge, I set out for GZ, before coming to a sharp halt. In front of me like ghosts in the night were two Red Poll cows and there they were gone before I could take a snap.😢

At GZ, I had a quick find of a cache container that I'd only seen once before at a puzzle cache in Hadleigh Country Park. Setting out for #9 - A Rock That Doesn't Roll, I suddenly saw the herd of rare breed cows shading themselves under some small oaks. I took a couple of photos, not great but I think that they are called record shots in the trade. I reckon that you can guess what sort of cache, #9 was.😀 I had a very quick find and it was time to call it a day. I'd run out of time and I'd found all the caches any way.

So to tally up, another four trads to add to the total and the sun is still shining.🌝