29. Jun, 2017

Job Done

Well you know I'm challenging myself to find 250 caches this month to enable me to qualify for another challenge cache - JJ500. This is the last caching day out for me in June and unless anything drastic happens today, I'm odds on to be successful. I couldn't get a bet down on myself as I only need a measly 16 caches!

I'm off to the land of rich pickings, the Essex/Suffolk border, as there's still a load of the SEBC series up there to find.😀 Although I'm looking for a load of trads, I decide to start the day with a cache from my puzzles solved book, An Ordinary Cache? It's a clever puzzle without a checker but I'm sure, well I know that I'm in the right place as the road name of the GZ is a a dead ringer! It's been a while since I solved the puzzle so when I pitch up, I check the hint and there's a second one that I don't recall.🙁 I can't see anything that matches the second part and finally I give up on paces to look. This isn't the start that I wanted.😢

I quickly get back on track with Brecon's First, the SideTracked at Chappel and a Stamped in Wakes Colne. Whilst I was here, I noticed that there was a mini series, There And Back, nearby so I might as well have a crack at these. These haven't been found for eight months so they need finding. Well one was a bit of a git but the others were straightforward.

Now I was back to tackling my list and five trads were quickly ticked off, including a Water Tower and two of the SEBCs that I was after. Finishing the last cache, Lab Claches, I noticed that there was another trad down the track called BALLS. This was bloody clever and I hadn't seen one like this before!😬 The hint didn't make sense until I found it and I just had to give the cache a fave. The cache was hidden in masonry debris probably from a pillbox that was part of the outer defences of the nearby airfield that housed USAF fighter groups during WW2.

Tearing myself away, I make my way up through Bures for the next one on my list, 094 - SEBC but I join the list of DNFers. I work my way back into Bures picking off SEBCs, a CM and an unexpected cache, Poison Ivy, one of the Buena Bures series. 

I head off towards Wormingford adding another six trads including a 3/4 SEBC that I have to access via a dry tunnel under the road. Wissington is next on the list with another two trads and then on to Little Horkesley and finally Boxted picking up some VS, SEBCs and Stamped. When I visit the caches of the Stamped series, I normally add the type of post box to the log. In Boxted, I was able to to add another type to the list, one from the Lion Foundry, Kirkintilloch.😀

So a long day comes to an end. I found 33 caches today ending up with a final tally for the month of 267. I was after 250 so Job Done.👏