3. Jul, 2017

Greased Lightning!

I visited Horndon-on-the-Hill today in preparation for my next event. I wanted to check out the Woolmarket, a building recorded as being used from 1525. I sorted out the coordinates and had a good look around the ancient building. After checking out some of the other nearby old buildings, I checked that the nearby CM was stilll in place.👍🏻

On the way home, I pitch up at a 1.5/1.5 trad called Musical Girls - Greased Lightning, a recent addition to a splendid series of caches set by Musical Girls around Langdon Hills. This one had been causing cachers some difficulty so I gave it a go. The hint was usane which led me a wild goose chase although the coords seemed solid. In the end the coords were spot on and so was the hint.😀 Trouble was that there were no magnets involved! I eventually found the very cunningly placed cache.

Cache count now 5473😀