15. Jul, 2017

A Row Of Colnes - 12th July

This week I'm out on a Wednesday and there's a cache that I want to strike of my watch list. However I start my day in Kelvedon High Street because I want to grab the VS, a multi set by Mr Crow. I quickly sort out the coords and find the cache. Returning to the car, I spot the sign in the photo, spooky eh!

I'm planning to adopt the CM at All Saints, Feering so replaced the cache in anticipation of the CO setting the ball in motion. Now I'm off to An Ordinary Cache, the one on my watch list. I realise that as I'm going onto the A120 at Coggeshall, I could grab Stumped #07. It would be difficult to play cricket near GZ but I have a quick find and get off. I was at An Ordinary Cache a fortnight ago and failed but the CO has confirmed my coords so I'm off to right my wrong.This time it was a quick find but how did I miss it last time? ☚ī¸

I set off for White Colne but I leave Wakes Colne, I want to pick up another failure at Brewery Cache & Dash. This is near the site of the new Colchester Brewery. The old one was in East Hill, Colchester but that was bought out by Ind Coope in 1925. I was pondering where the cache was when suddenly the hint hit me and I made a quick find.

In White Colne, I quickly found the Three Colnes : White trad and the TB Or Not TB..... puzzle. Buoyed with this success, I had a try for the Post COded puzzle. This turned out to be the highlight of the day for me. At GZ, I was thrilled to find a GVR lamp box. Now partly hidden by ivy, this letter box has been sitting here since 1936 at the latest! I've never seen a LB3028 box before and I'm well pleased.👍đŸģ

After I'd pruned the ivy back and got back in the car, I realised that I should have got a bonus number back at the White trad. With that in the bag, it's time to move on to the CM up the road. This was a clever multi based on the slats on the church benches. Once I'd got the coords, I set off to GZ but the cache eluded me for a while until I struck lucky. 😀

At Colne Engaigne, I quickly solve the Three Colnes : Engaigne multi, based on a vintage cast iron direction sign noting the bonus number this time. 😀 I  failed to get anywhere near Up The Engines puzzle and decide to move north of town to pick up a series of trads based on the COs pet ducks! On the way I pick up Rest A Whyle and then start on the series. I find three of the four trads in a nice circular walk failing on Monica. On the way back to the car, I note that Jacobs Staff is next to where the car is parked. Silly not to, it's a quick find.

I pop down to the next Colne on my list, Earls Colne. I remember getting a good deal on Groupon to stay at a hotel in the High Street. The pub down the road was more of a blur though. We had a great time, got on well with the locals and almost bought a dog! Luckily that never materialised but we staggered into the hotel much later a bit peepsed and missed out on the evening meal. đŸ˜Ŧ

I messed up Three Colnes : Earls to start with as all the information wasn't available. I latched onto it eventually thanks to a previous log and then found the cache next to the hotel that I mentioned earlier. I couldn't find the bonus number though so Three Colnes will have to wait for another day. I had a quick find at Earls Colne Heritage Museum and began to look for more nearby.

 There were a few on the way to Greenstead Green that looked interesting. I found the very clever cache at The Gate To Nowhere and then 50 to 1. This was a first for me, a cache wrapped in a pair of camouflaged underpants. 😁 The next cache was a trad called Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorker. What the title was all about, I have no idea but it was a quick find. however the logsheet was papier-mâché so I left a replacement log for the next finder.

I have time to get one more cache Lightning Tree which has a bonus cache nearby, Another Lightning Tree. It took me so long to find the right footpath sign through the head high nettles that there was no time for the bonus.🙁 However I have the coords for another day. 😀

So this was to be the last cache of the day. A leisurely paced day with 20 successes and five failures. I need to get home as I have an event tonight so don't want to be out all day.😀