21. Jul, 2017

Mini-Mathsnut's Hadleigh History - 17th July

Mini-Mathsnut, the son of Mr & Mrs Mathsnut is a member of the Scouting movement. As a geocacher, he decided to try for the Scouts' Geocaching proficiency badge. I don't know all of the requirements but there is a need to set a few geocaches. He has set a puzzle and a multi so far. 

Now I need a cache today so I decided to travel down to Hadleigh for the multi - Hadleigh History. I'm looking for a boundary marker on the A13. I've travelled this road for many a long year but I was not expecting the type of boundary marker that awaited me. I can't give too much away as the marker is the source of the answers for the multi. Let's just say that the local kids used to call it "The Witches Post" after the rumour that witches used to be burnt there!

It didn't take long to find the information and work out the coords. It took longer to find the extremely small cache at the obvious feature. So I'm happy and I congratulate Mini-Mathsnut, hopefully not prematurely, on the award of his Geocaching badge.