10. Aug, 2017

SideTracked By An Event In Marks Tey

Today is the 10th anniversary of the placing of the first SideTracked cache. A series of events had been planned to celebrate this including one by Cazmocket in Ongar. Unfortunately I had to be in NE Essex so couldn't attend but luckily the Beastmarsta organised one in Marks Tey which I could. There was a good turn out and I was gifted some information on a nearby puzzle Rail Network which I quickly logged.😀

I came back down to earth at The Lexden & Winstree Union Workhouses trad. It had gone missing, got replaced, found by Infinison and probably missing again for me. Maybe one day I'll find it but it's always pleasing to visit this old building.

The earthcache at The Mount Tumulus was next. I enjoy Geology so I look out for this type of cache whenever I can. Strange that the next one up was another. Rolling Stones needed a lot of research on Sarsen Stones. I sent all the information to Foxscout, the CO, and it's always pleasing to get the reply to go ahead and log the cache!😀

I had a few trads that I wanted to pick up around Cowdray Avenue including Shadows Swimming Pool, a cunning cache that was well worth a fave.👍🏻 I did a trio of series, Wicked Witch of the Woods, Homeward Bound and WelshWood Wildlife Wander which included a bonus. There were a few other chucked in, including Holey Moley, a puzzle consisting of only a series of photos which led me to a well hidden cache.

My original plan had to been to get into Wivenhoe but I was falling well short. I'd only just edged into the Greenstead estate and found myself at the east side of Colchester. There were a few trads here that deserved more time such as The 14th Century Posting House and Colne Navigation 1 - The Mill. I'm afraid I rushed them but I was running out of time. 

My last one was intended to be CM Colchester - St James the Great but the cache had been missing for some time. I put a replacement in and messaged the CO to see whether he was happy with that but no reply as yet.

However the big excitement was that nearby was the former Eagle Brewery of The Colchester Brewery formed in 1887, closing in 1925, when Ind Coope of Romford bought the business. I have some Colchester brewery tokens dated 1888 and also a magnificent moulded papier mache sign probably 30" square. I bought this from a USAAF sergeant in Huntingdon some 35 years ago for £50. I'd want at least a monkey for it should the time come.🤔

Having taken a few photos of this magnificent building, I reckoned that I had just enough time for one more cache. The nearby CM St James the Less and St Helen was just around the corner and this 2/3.5 trad soon bit the dust.🤗

Having a total up, I made it 29 caches on the day including earthcaches, puzzles, multis even a CM. It was also a milestone reaching 5700 caches.😀