15. Aug, 2017

Lavenham, a Suffolk Gem

We have a National Trust membership and had decided to visit a new property every fortnight during the Summer. Today we visited Lavenham Guildhall set in a gem of a town in Suffolk. I read somewhere that there are 150 listed buildings here.

We started off a bit later than planned so after getting caught in a load of traffic due to an accident on the A12 near Chelmsford, we decided to stop off for an early lunch. We were near Little Waldingfield and I knew that there was a CM and a VS here, both trads, so I had an easy choice.

After eating our lunch, I quickly found the CM and luckily the splendid church was open for viewing. Tour accomplished, we set off for the VS. There was a multi Fine Pair in the village but thought that would be stretching a point trying for that one. The VS was a very quick find and we set off for Lavenham.

After parking up outside the Guildhall, we went for a coffee in their tea room. It's not often that I get to enjoy an Americano and a chocolate fridge, yes fridge, cake in a building built in 1510. Checking the app, I could see that there was a trad about 40 yards away so that would be my final for the day.

After a cracking tour around the Guildhall and buying a GCHQ puzzle book in the shop, we emerged onto the Market Square. #1a Lavenham Walks - The Market Square was a trad cunningly placed near an antique shop with a magnificent Phrenology head displayed in the window. I had to go back to the car to get a pen to sign the log and after carefully replacing the cache, we set off for home.

A splendid day all round and I was really happy with three trad caches, bringing my total to 5717.