19. Aug, 2017

Give Me An "R"

Weekend caching must now be Quality not Quantity! Today is International Geocaching Day and finding a cache earns a smart souvenir!😀 I had a couple of ideas on what to do and one included filling one space on my D/T grid. There was a smart 1.5/5 trad in Dartford that looked doable!

Once you clock the title - Damp Ankles, you have an idea on what to expect. However, after a text a friend session, I guessed that it wouldn't be too much of a problem at low tide and today that was at 0600. I was through the tunnel before charging and on site at the right time. However the scenery was completely different to all the photos in the logs. 

I had to get under a boardwalk but instead of a clear river bed there was a forest of reeds that you could hide an elephant in. 🐘 I found somewhere to safely get down into the river bed and forced my way through the reeds like Humphrey Bogart in "The African Queen." When I got up, to the boardwalk, I could see that there was another way down that would have saved 60 yards tackling the undergrowth.😕

The mud was firm but slippy and I got to the cache without too much problem. After signing the log and retrieving a TB, I was on my way back. I climbed out like Sherpa Tenzing, changed footwear and was setting the google maps to my next target.😀

The only county that I hadn't found in the South Eastern region was East Sussex. I'd planned to get a couple today. I also needed a CM in a place beginning with R for the CM AEIOU Challenge cache. So the CM in Rotherfield in East Sussex fits the bill all round.😎 It was a real quick find after a 50 minute drive and time to turn and head back for home.

I was able to pick up a VS multi and a trad in Wadhurst before driving into The Garden of England for the CM at Lamberhurst. So although I was out for four hours, I'd only picked up five caches. But quality before quantity, so a new county, a new D/T, two CMs, one in a place beginning with R and a trad is a good result!😀 I'll make that do. 😂