21. Aug, 2017

Tilting at a Windmill - 20th August

Today was the 8th event that I'd organised. As you know, I've been becoming a bit more adventurous with my choice of venue and this time, it was Rayleigh Windmill. There wasn't a huge gathering but NathanJHunt (together with a bag of chips), Grobo59, Vanguard3, Julie from BTL101092 and Cazmocket, closely guarded by Shifty the Duck. Quack🐤

As usual, the chat covered a spectrum of ideas and information. Nathan had a couple of ideas which everyone thought worthy of developing. A few snippets of information were gleaned regarding problematic caches including The Rayleigh Riddle multi.

After an hour, twice the scheduled time that I'd planned, we all set off in our separate directions. I had a family appointment in town and after lunch, I was killing time as the ladies went shopping.  I had a look at the Riddle was was getting nowhere at the first waypoint so I went to get the second. On the way, I met Caz, I think that Shifty was resting. 

Caz had cracked the code at GZ2 and I was able to help retrieve the code at GZ2. After working out the final coords, we set off for GZ3 where Caz had a quick find. After saying our goodbyes, I set off to check the size of my dented bank account.🤔