11. Sep, 2017

Off To The Walden Workhouse

It's my birthday and I can cache if I want to! 😎

My birthday treat was a night away at some gaff in Clavering on the Essex/Herts border. We took a  steady drive up to Saffron Walden where we were stopping for lunch. I had my eye on two caches here, The Workhouse, a trad and The Walden Wander, a multi, which I had done some groundwork on a recent visit.

The former was a quick find but it was well away from the Workhouse.☹️ I could only get a glimpse of it over the trees but didn't have the time to get close.

Walking towards the Town Square, we were really pleased to spot a Wilkin's Tea Room that we hadn't visited before. After a splendid lunch in The Courtyard, I finally got to try for the finale to The Walden Wander. 

The theme behind the cache was to wander around town, gathering info at three places and to use that at GZ. I'd guessed that there was a padlocked box in the TIC and I wasn't wrong.😎 However my numbers wouldn't open the box.🤔 One number was a definite so I visited the other two and couldn't see a problem with my numbers so I tried all the combinations but still no joy. So I had to leave it! I have since sent a message to the CO with my experiences suggesting that the padlock might be sticking but no reply yet.☹️

We then set off for Clavering for a night of food and alcohol.🙁 Silly not too, but I'll worry about the headache tomorrow.🍺🍷🥃🥂