15. Sep, 2017

Wivenhoe Wandering - 14th September

Another late start unfortunately but we won't go into that.😉 My original plan was to start in the Greenstead part of Colchester and then work my way down into Wivenhoe. What actually happened was that I swerved Colchester, made my way down the A120 and started to pick off some orphans in Great Bentley. Here's how the day went.😀

I started with Weeley Road, one of the Stamp series, picked up Corner of the Green and then another Stamp series - De Vere until I DNFed at Footpath Treasure. I'm sure this is gone as punters before and after have failed here.🙁

I picked up two more trads in Great Bentley and then poodled out to Aingers Green for Plough Road, one of the Stamp series and Welcome to Aingers Green. I spotted a farm shop cafe nearby so dropped in for a coffee and a bacon sandwich and a read of the paper. After refreshment, I dropped dowh towards St Osyth for the Flag Hill Stamp and then pushed up to Frating.

I found another one of the Stamp series and was surprised to find one of the new ROMEC pedestal post boxes, known in the trade as a 3426,  then Church Walk #1 - #3, a pleasant series of trads down a very quiet lane.😉

The next port of call was Elmstead Market. I found yet another Stamped series, the Woodland Cows which made no sense in title, the hint or the cache and then a drive up a winding lane to CM Elmstead. This one was a quick find but then I made a mistake by going for a couple of the Board Marathon series.🙁

I crossed the noisy A120 over a farm road bridge failing at a cache at the far end. I did a textafriend for advice and the message back was basically "steer well clear because of crap clues and caches which are poorly maintained by a CO who lives in Eastern Europe." By this time, I'd failed miserably again but struck lucky at a harder D/T. So I made a vow to swerve the series in future and head off to Wivenhoe.

By this time, the clock had crept around to 1430 so I only had another 90 minutes. I made it pay though with a Stumped, a Stamp, a VS, a puzzle based on the Water Tower and three more easy trads.😀 The Water Tower has now been converted into flats and they must have a great view from up there.

So a late start, a lot of wasted time but I still picked up 26 caches of various hues which can't be too bad.😎