15. Sep, 2017

Otford Journey

My youngest daughter was popping over to Stockholm for a couple of days break so needed dropping off at Gatwick airport for 0730. My plan was to have a break for an hour to miss the worst of the M25 rush hour traffic on the way back. I checked on possible routes back and thought that the A25 looked decent.

For some while, I've been working on some CM challenges especially the AEIOU (5 CMs beginning with A etc.,) and CHURCHMICRO (finding a CM beginning with C, then H etc., but in chronological order) and those beginning with O were proving difficult. So imagine my surprise when I spotted Otford on the route with 2 CMs!😀😀 I needed two Os for the first challenge and one for the latter.

So I pulled into a free parking space in Otford at 0730 knowing that I had an hour to play with.😉 I limbered up with a trad, Listen to the Cricketers, on the way down to the Methodist Church. This CM was a multi but I quickly got the coords, however, the GZ was some way off. I quickly got the cache though and set off for the multi at St Bartholomew's. Situated at the other end of the High Street, I quickly worked out these coords. This GZ was a short walk away but the cache proved elusive for a little while.

It was surprising how quickly that hour went! I took a photo of the porch at St. Bart's for posterity on the way back to the car. Recapping, that's CHURCHMICRO fulfilled and as for AEIOU, all I need is a "U".