16. Sep, 2017

Simply Shoreham

Saturday morning and it's another early start. As usual, I'm off into Kent. Now that the dawns are getting later, I have no need to get through the tunnel as I don't want to hang around in the dark. 

I'm going to give the WW or "wonderful walk" series near Shoreham whirl. There are too many caches for me to get in the time that I have to play with so I've worked out a reasonable walk. Well, it looks alright on paper but I'm sure that I've planned too many.

I pulled into the free car park at 0645 and quickly found #1 of the series. I dipped out on #2 down by the river bridge although I spent a good 25 minutes looking.🤔 I worked my way up to #7 which were some easy and tricky trads plus a multi. I got this wrong on the first calculation but after having another look, I made an easy find. Throw in another trad, The Brownies, which was well hidden under a fallen log and the first part of the route was sorted.

My plan had been to break the series here and walk up the lane to pick up on the downward path of the series. However, I wasn't prepared for the fact that it was definitely all up a very steep hill. I spotted a commercial orchard but I was disappointed to see that the shop didn't open until 1000.

After a mile and a half, I got to #25 but I had noted some FPs that would come in handy should I decide to tackle some more of the series next week. The cache was a quick find and I started to work my way South. I was successful on all caches until I got to #30 - Sunken Path. This was a 4.5/1.5 trad in a wood with poor GPS. Either you are lucky to find it or you ain't', I wasn't!☹️

I got back on track when I found the right path to #30A. I was now on 13 caches found today so I couldn't leave it there, could I? I got back to the car and drove up to #41 - The Finale for a quick find. After this, I was off home but noted that there wasn't a cache of any sort atbthe nearby station.🤔