17. Sep, 2017

After The Workhouse

I have an event planned today at the former Workhouse in Billericay. It became St. Andrew's Hospital but when that closed in 1997, the site was refurbished but the whole of the former Workhouse, built in 1841, was retained.

There was a good attendance today with new attendees, The Corletts, Wandafree and Infinison. The chat was fast and flowing, in fact we were there for 50 minutes before I had to call it a day. This is because I had to pick Grace up from Gatwick. Her flight from Stockholm touched down at 1530.

As usual, I had a plan - park up nearby in a geocache rich zone and kill a little of time until I got the call. I had chosen a place that would fill another spoke in the 360 degree challenge cache and this was Copthorpe in West Sussex. 

Unfortunately, I started with a DNF at the local CM but redeemed myself by getting amongst a series of trads set by The Toxic Pens. I found five of these and had one DNF. However caching was curtailed when the call came - "Dad, I'm through Passport Control, can you come and get me."