20. Sep, 2017

Norwich Overnight - 18/19 September

Together with my brother-in-law and his wife, we had a night away planned for Norwich. I was hoping to sneak a couple of caches in when no-one was looking.😉 I only got one opportunity on Day 1 and that was when we were looking around the Cathedral. I popped out for five minutes to find the well placed CM2738 St Michael at Palace. There was no further opportunity that day as activities were limited to a-drinking and a-eating.😴

Not feeling too bad, I set the alarm for an early riser. The outline of the plan was to pick up as many CMs as I could and whatever trads got in the way during the two hours that I had available. I had a quick find of the "missing" In famous Norwich - Boulton & Paul. This was of special interest as I'm sure that this old engineering manufacturing company started off in Maldon.

I had a successful blitz around the Finkelgate, St Stephen and the tricky 3/2 Timberhill CMs but I haven't told you about what else turned up. I hadn't noticed that one of the newly issued batch of virtual caches had appeared in Norwich so this was a must!😀

I've always been a look up at the sky rather than look at the pavement kindachap so Look Up was right up my street. I found the answers to the questions and I also had to send in a photo of some architectural oddity to qualify. However at stage 1, I found a real gem of street furniture or let's call it architecture that would surely qualify. It was my first sighting of a Penfold post box that was placed between 1865 and 1879 so that was my qualifier. I sent my answers to the CO and I passed with flying colours but he was interested in the Penfold.😎 I pointed him to the website of the Norfolk History Society that was where I had gained my information from whilst I was pounding the Norwich pavements.

When I got home, the CO contacted me saying that he had found evidence that the Penfold was a copy! 😫 I sought the advice of the gathered ranks of the Letter Box Survey Group message board and that's when the can of worms opened. 😬 Their records showed it to be an original so the LBSG hounds of wrath were unleashed to find out where that one has gone. The latest update is that it is storage in one of the Norwich museums and appointments are being made to view it. 

So me looking for one new virtual cache had unforeseen circumstances that involved so many others. Still I had a very pleasant trip to Norfolk's county town but I only scratched the surface there. I passed so much antiquity on my whiz around that I must return. The things that we see when we are geocaching, eh?