20. Sep, 2017

It's Ardleigh Boxted, Is It?

It's Thursday so I have another day geocaching organised starting in Colchester near the A120/Ipswich Road turn-off near Ardleigh. I arrived on scene about 0930 but could find nowhere to park near my first target. However when I got there, I have a quick find of the there's no business trad and then set off for a nearby mystery that's causing me grief.😡

There's a series of mysteries called Rien a grande. It presume that each one will give you the coords for the next but I can't get started.☚ī¸ Evidently at #1, there is literally nothing there. After the first visit, I realised that there was a UV attribute so I bought a suitable torch. Today, I had a good look at the probable host for any invisible coords but still no joy. Is it that there was too much light, not enough power in the torch or that I'm looking in the wrong place? Perhaps I should let the CO know of my tale of woe?

Still smarting, I worked my way up towards Ardleigh with two trads and two DNFs including, unusually at a Stamp cache. In Ardleigh, I tackled an elusive trad at the village sign cache which wasn't part of the VS series. Here perseverance paid off and thinking outside the box came up trumps. Straight afterwards, I crossed the road for the multi CM which I found after a long walk across harvested fields.

After some lunch, I picked up six trads on my way to the former WW2 airfield at Boxted. Previously home to bombers and fighters of the USAAF and RAF, there is now a trad nearby. War Memorial #267 was a quick find but this was the first that I knew of such a series. Something else to look out for but I'll enjoy that.😉

The rest of the afternoon was mainly ticking off trads, 13 in all but one DNF. I found some more of the SEBC series of which I am quietly reducing my list. So I had 25 finds and 3 DNFs on the day, not a bad haul.👏