23. Sep, 2017

Around Eynsford in Kent

It was time that I had a little visit over to Kent for a circular wall to pick up a few quick trads and hopefully a CM or two.😎 I had decided to do some more of the Wonderful Walk (WW) series near Eynsford but this time, I would tackle the Northern section. You may remember that I had a go at the Southern section a few weeks back.

I started at 15WW - Going Up, parking the car in Lullingstone Lane about 0645. After a quick find, I was off picking up trads, left, right and centre. However, I had to cross some fields that had recently been ploughed and that was an early creaser that I didn't need.😫

Now I've come to continue this blog, I see that most of the WW series has been archived. That's a pity as I would have liked to completed the series. However I have to expect the COs reasons. I understand that a new series is going to "arise out of the ashes."

I found some great caches including the tricky 3/2 Ancient Tree which took some finding! Out of the blue, a 2/3 trad, was another treat! I knew that I was in the right place, a post with a dash of blue paint on it but it took some finding. I pulled the loose post out of the ground and there was the nano tucked into a hole in the bottom. Technically, the cache wasn't buried but it was 2' in the ground.🤔

Finishing off the walk, I passed by the gatehouse to Lullingstone Castle , which was built in 1496 and then the Roman Villa which I visited say 40 years ago. It was shut today but I'd like to return to have another look. 

The walk produced 21 caches plus one DNF. There's no chance of ticking that one of the list as it's now been archived.