1. Oct, 2017

I'm Back From Norway Now!

We had a cruise to Norway booked leaving Tilbury, the former Tilbury Riverside station, on the 24th. I had been planning the list of caches that I was going to look for at each port of call. I had been watching their progress for ages. However the best laid plans never go to plan!🙁

After a day at sea, we were due to dock at but we were informed that weather conditions prevented that and we would be visiting Ulvik instead! So I had to wait until I had some phone signal to see if Inwas adding the Norway souvenir to my list of countries visited. Luckily there was one cache in town, Olav H. Hauge. 😀 It was a bit out of town and up hill to get to GZ, the former home of the famous Norwegian writer but this one, a 2/1 trad earned the honours. 

Our next port of call was Flam and I had five caches on the watch list, four trads and an Earthcache. Luckily I managed to find them all which is just as well! This was just as well because if there hadn't been two cruise ships parked in the fiord, the place would have been deserted.

I must add that there is a TB Hotel in Flam. At my last event, I picked up a TB, from some new cachers, called Cow Bells, which wanted to go somewhere Alpine! I hope the mountainous fiords count! However I see that the TB has been picked up by a couple on tour, visiting Oslo, Edinburgh and now London.  Hopefully they will take the TB back to Oklahoma, USA.

The highlight of the cruise was to be Geraingerfiord, supposedly the prettiest of all the fiords, with a couple of caches placed in the small town of Gerainger. Unfortunately, weather conditions got in the way and we had to dock in a port called Alesund. I hoped that there would be at least one cache there as it was more to the North of Gerainger!

Once we had docked, I fired up the iPhone and found that there were loads of caches in Alesund so I was in luck!😀 I was able to add 13 trads to the list in a whistle-stop tour of the town. The cache which will probably hold the record as my most Northerly cache visited is GC5XCFP - The Tourist Cache #2 - Hurtigruten Dock. 🇳🇴

Our final port of call was Bergen and no danger here of not docking or not finding any caches.😎 In a busy bustling town, I managed six trads but I had a few DNFs. What chance is there of getting nanos placed under benches in tram stations and tourist spots occupied by muggles on an unseasonably hot day! However I did come across a great cache of a a style that I hadn't seen before!😎 I shall be hunting out the material to produce a similar cache.😀

So a great week's caching in a new country, adding 26 caches to the list, mustn't grumble. 🤗