8. Oct, 2017

A Double Header By The Crouch

Today was International Earthcache Day 2017 and the nearest unfound earthcache to me in Essex is Cliffs! What in Essex near Burnham-on-Crouch. So I was standing at GZ as the sun rose over the ridge to allow me to sort out the requirements in order to gain the souvenir. Once I had everything that I needed, I took the long walk back to Althorne marina to look for some trads.☚ī¸

NathanJHunt had recently released the next tranche of his A View Over Bridgemarsh Island series and I was keen to find them. #1 was easy but #3 SCGA Sluice was a git so I left it for the return journey. #4, #5 and #6 were straight forward but quirky and #6 was definitely worth a fave.

On the way back to #3, I was churning over where the cache could be on the steel steps to the sluice and where I hadn't looked.🤔 I must have looked a bit odd on my hands and knees on the steps. In fact, some big burly bloke (who I wouldn't like to meet on a darkened seawall) did stop and ask if I was alright. Did he think that I was an illegal immigrant? I explained Geocaching to him and I got the feeling that he'd have preferred his possible thoughts. I sat there computing what I had missed and then, bingo, I knew what it was and it was.😀

Today was also the anniversary of the start of the "A Fine Pair" series and there was an unofficial souvenir up for grabs to post in one's profile. Luckily there was a Fine Pair cache in Althorne. On investigation, it was a K6 telephone box and a privately used G6R wall box so I was well pleased.

So a double header with the Earthcache and A Fine Pair caches earning two souvenirs. I mustn't grumble.😀

1 Earthcache, 6 Traditional