12. Oct, 2017

Peter Lawford, Ardleigh!

I love caching for a whole day, up early, getting some distance before the traffic builds up and hopefully having eight hours "in the field." Today's plan is to start in Ardleigh picking up where I'd left off last time and work my way up into Lawford. I had a long list of hopefuls but would probably only get a quarter of them if I was lucky.

So here I am down a quiet lane near Ardleigh looking for Murder Whatdunnit!, a trad that had foxen a few cachers recently. I eventually found the miniature skeleton, yes skeleton but no log to sign so I had to take a photo as proof of my claim for the cache. It turned out that I had parked right by a footpath that would take me down to another trad, Tendring Heights but a DNF soon dampened the spirits.🙁

Moving on towards Lawford, I picked up four c&d's including three of the easy Stamped series but it's good to visit these post boxes as I can survey them for the LBSG and it's surprising how many of the entries in the Directory are wrong!😮 There was a smart series of three trads including Magpies "Silver Hoard" and Wagon Wheels. The last one was hidden in the remains of an old farm cart. The wagon wheels had castings with "Long Melford, Suffolk" on them so that was memorable!

Now Lawford is rich in circular cache series and I wanted to get amongst them. There was the nine trads Benji's Walk, the five trads Walk of the Titan's and the seven trads Long Live Harry Potter series. I had two DNFs with Benji, found all of Titan's but missed out on one of Harry's. I also picked up another four "stand alone" trads on the circuit.

I had just found Titan's #1 when a passing dog walker said "well done." I said "so you know what I'm doing?" He said "well, this is Titan" pointing at the large dog! So this was the first time that I'd met a CO out in the field. We had a brief chat until Titan pulled the CO onwards.

Back at the car, I had lunch and scooped up another three trads before driving out to Little Bromley to have another search for the Essex Resuscitator : Challenge Cache. I had been here before and gawd knows how I never spotted it the last time. 🤔 I qualified by finding Hunt Around Horndon last year. It hadn't been found for over a year so I resuscitated it.😀

1 Mystery, 35 Traditional