16. Oct, 2017

NAGs in Kent - 15th October

As you know, I like to pop down into Kent early on either a Saturday or Sunday. There are almost too many circular walk series and challenge caches down there that it's difficult to decide which one to do in the time that I have available.

However, this week, a new series - Beating The Bounds NAG -had been published around New Ash Green including trads and multis and it looked doable in the three available hours that I had.😉 I threw in a few more caches into the plan on the off chance but knew that I probably wouldn't get to them. 

So dawn broke as I pulled into the free car park at the New Ash Green shopping centre. The first cache was close, NAGs Recycled, and once I'd fought my way through the cobwebs around the community bins, I had my first find of the day.👍🏻 Now it was time to beat the boundaries of NAG.

#1 was a multi based on a map of the shopping centre and led me to a particular ICT. The hint was head high but I couldn't find the cache. I gave it ten minutes but time was tight so I moved on. Looking at subsequent logs, one cacher worked out that the CO must be 4' tall so I'll know better next time.

I had few problems with the trads at #2 to #9 and then the walk merged with part of the Rivrds Ramble Part II series. I found #8 and the clever 3.5/2 #9 trads before getting back into beating the bounds. I found #10 to #14 trads as well as Does My Bottom Look Big In This before I decided that it was almost time to call it a morning. 

However using the ploy "there's always time for one more cache" I went for the Mystery CM Hartley - All Saints Church Centre and finished on a find.👍🏻 18 caches found and one DNF was a good tally.

1 Mystery, 17 Traditional