16. Oct, 2017

A Right Royal Result - Almost

I had the opportunity to get a couple of hours to go caching late morning today. I had noticed that a new cache had been published out for nathanjhunt out on the Dengie and as it was remote out there, I could be in with a chance of a DNF! I'm not an FTF chaser like some but I checked if it had been found, no, how long to get to GZ, 30 minutes, ok go for it. Well when I got my hands on the plastic bat, it was a "will I, won't I" moment and I wasn't.🙁 I was 20 minutes too late. Still not to worry.

I turned my attention to another of the COs mystery caches which was based on some pictures of old Kings and a Queen of England. I could get this one on the way home and as the coords had been accepted by the checker, I had a good chance of finding the cache. This turned out to be another elusive little sod which I finally bumped my head against.🤕 So I didn't get the DNF but I had a Right Royal Result.👍🏻

1 Mystery, 1 Traditional