21. Oct, 2017

A Complete Change of Plan

I was planning to go down into Kent today but a late weather check suggested a lot of rain down there so I had a complete change of plan. The weather looked good over this side until about ten so I decided to start off with a few new ones that had popped up in Hatfield Peverel.

However, I had forgotten the new cache - the Mill Pond by the lock near Little Baddow Mill Lock on the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation. So dawn found me walking along the deserted canal bank towards the canal gates. Crossing over the gates, I was soon at GZ but it was strewn with broken glass and other debris. I gave it 15 minutes carefully picking through the detritus before I gave up not having a clue where the magnetic cache was. It has since been found by another cacher so gawd knows where it is.🤔

Arriving in Hatfield Peverel, I quickly found the SideTracked and moved on to the VS. I then drove down to the Ulting VS for a quick find. Nearby was the Green Gate Grab, a wickedly placed nano, which took me some time to locate.

The next trads were near Wickham Bishops and I soon found Frederick's green cache. It had a splendid brick road bridge nearby. Next up was Trumpet ('Music Cache' No.3) and then Viewpoints #3 (Maldon Panoramic) where I also picked up a TB. I did a bit of research for the nearby SideTracked multi. I guessed where I needed to be but didn't have enough time for that.🙁 I had to make do with Stumped! 09 - Great Totham, a trad which proved to be my last for the day. Now to be home by ten.😬

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