25. Oct, 2017

A Weeley Early Start

As you can guess, I wanted an early start in Weeley. However before I got there, I picked up another Stamped cache in Tendring followed by the local Stumped. Both were trads and then I moved on to my main event of the day, the Wherigo cache at the Weeley Stone Circle. I enjoy a wherigo but was disappointed by the circle. I wasn't expecting Stonehenge but wanted more than this modern mock-up.🤔

The wherigo route was good with a field puzzle chucked in plus a quick find of a well placed cache at the end. This was followed by two more trads on the footpath running north from the stone circle.

The plan was to move down into Little Clacton, then Jaywick and on as far as I could get in the time that I had available. I had a quick find at Branston's Drive By and then two DNFs at Iduno and Hollow Tree No 2. The last one was a huge disappointment as it was a long walk out to GZ but I couldn't find the cache. If I had, it would have been a resuscitator. All I found was a dead Bank Vole. 😢

Moving into Little Clacton, I added two more Stamped to the list and had a good walk around farmland. I was after a mini series named after footballers. I found Hagi, Valderama and Butcher but missed out on Roy Keane. I never liked the bloke anyway.😉

I moved through Little Clacton hoovering up some more trads including my first one of the Little Bridge series. There are so many national series appearing on the scene, I can't keep up with them all. I drove down to St Osyth to find the recently replaced Through The Barricades.

I eased into Clacton visiting Brook Country Park, getting lost in the beech maze but finding the cache before a long wand around the CP gaining some more of the Red Gates set. Just down the road, I found my first Mystery of the day - Picks Are, based on Pixar films. I found two more trads including CassnTays Walk but dipped out on a couple more. There were road works going on and I spent so much time going round and round in circles, trying to get out of this maze, I decided to call it a day.

As they say though, there's always time for one more cache and that was one of the A12 Corridor Caches - #28 at West Bergholt on the way home. So I had to make do with 23 finds on the day. 😎

1 Wherigo, 1 Mystery, 21 Traditional