31. Oct, 2017

Down Southend Way

Today I had a spare couple of hours so decided to pick up some orphans on a winding route down to Shoeburyness. I started with the clever but now sadly archived trad in Hockley and moved on to a nemesis of mine, Annie's Amble Around Ashingdon #4. I had a quick find here for a change but now the bonus has been disabled so I still haven't finished the series.🙁

Stopping off in Rochford, I soon had the SideTracked trad in hand and set off for Shopland. The CM here has also been prematurely archived along with many other fine caches around here included the 50 strong PUBS series. đŸ˜ĸ The Sutton Crop Circles is a recent cache here to highlight a phenomenon which happened overnight a few months ago. I finally found this well placed cache.

As I drove towards North Shoebury, I spotted a 3426/3 letterbox in Sutton Road so had to head back to take a photo. These boxes, manufactured by RoMEC, are a recent addition to the Royal Mail estate so this one has probably not been brought to the attention of the LBSG so I must do it. If you see a letter box similar to the one in the photo, it has recently replaced a vintage box. ☚ī¸

Back on track, I reached North Shoebury and finally managed to spot the Mystery cache - A Wrecked Recipe, based on a Delia Smith cake mix. It was about here when I realised that I had overrun my data allowance but had enough information to get my last cache of the drain in Gunners Park, Shoeburyness. Gunners #1 Two Trees gave me enough of a hint in a park that has its fair share of bushes but not mature trees.After a quick find of a well positioned cache, it was time for the journey home. It was a good job that I knew the route like the back of my hand. I'd been here many times bird-watching. In fact, I saw four Parrot Crossbills here about three years ago.😎 

1 Mystery, 5 Trads