7. Nov, 2017

CM Souvenir Day

Today is the 10th anniversary of the setting up of the Church Micro series, perhaps the most popular one in the U.K. There are two souvenirs up for grabs, one for attending a CM event and one for finding a new CM cache on the day. There are two events in Essex today; one in Fordham near Colchester this evening and one this morning in Panfield to the northwest of Braintree.😀

They are both about the same distance from me, about 50 minutes by car but I could get so much more done today if I went for the morning one. However, the CO, that fiendish Infinison, has set the start time for 0545 for a 30 minute Flash and Dash. 🤔

Now I struggle to get six cachers at one of my Sunday meetings starting at noon but such is the pull of the CO that SEVEN cachers attended this one. However it worked in our favour because the CO was in a benevolent mood giving hints, nudges and winks about some of his most troublesome caches in the area! The meeting finished promptly at 0615 as Infinison and Gillywig were setting off on a CM challenge day in Surrey but planning to attend four CM events as well.👏

We all went our separate ways but I had a challenge of my own! I need a CM to get the other souvenir. Luckily the multi at CM Gosfield was only about ten minutes away so that was my next port of call. With sunrise at 0704, I was going to be working in the dark but having found the sundial bearing the necessary information, I made quick work of the sums and soon had the cache in hand. I took a photo of the church just before dawn and it didn't turn out too bad. I was home at 0730. Happy days! 🌞

1 Event, 1 Traditional, 2 Souvenirs 🤗