12. Nov, 2017

Daggers At Dawn

I hadn't been into the Dagenham parklands for a while so this morning, I'm off to Daggers territory. However my first call is the trad at Hornchurch Station. It was a pity that it hadn't been published as a SideTracked but there's still time to remedy that.🤔 The cache should be rated more than its present 1/1 but I finally tracked the little sod down.

I had a quick find of a very suburban trad before getting the Elm Park CM in the bag. Next stop was Dagenham’s Eastbrookend Country Park. I must have passed this park a million times going forwards and backwards to London on the Fenchurch Street line. However today’s welcome was damp and sodden underfoot so I had to make the most of it.

Tearing around the park, I found another 12 trads from the Tales From The River Bank and the Country Park series before it was time to go. I will return sometime to clean up over here. However, I’m now wondering what I’ve done with all the bonus numbers that I found. 🤬

15 Traditionals