16. Nov, 2017

Something About A Bus Pass - 15th November

For various reasons, I have 90 minutes to kill in Billericay for three days a week for 12 weeks. 🤫 So I have decided to use this time to survey letter boxes within the area and pick up the odd cache that I could get too.

There‘s some surveying needed out near Stondon Massey but near to that is a trad called - How To Blatantly Furnish A Bus Pass Holder. 🤔 It still doesn’t make any sense to me and I’ve found the cache now. Now you have to clamber over a great big tree trunk, walk across a muddy field and then rummage around in trees near a ditch but the CO has deemed it a 1/1. 😡 I found the cache and not a bus pass or even a bus in sight. In fact you wouldn’t get a bus down this little lane.

For the record, I found a splendid old G5R wall box in Stondon Massey .👍🏻




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