19. Nov, 2017

On the way back from Hereford

After a late night at the 1st Hereford Blues Festival, I was up early enough to be in Pandy in Monmouthshire just before dawn to claim my first cache in the county. It was such a well placed cache and big enough so I left five TBs there. I turned back towards the border picking up the Llangua CM on the way.

I found three trad CMs in Herefordshire, including the pictured St Mary’s at Kenderchurch, on my way back into the outskirts of the city. I filled up with petrol at a Tesco’s after finding the close-by Off Your Trolley trad. After two more trads in Hereford including the CM in Eastnor, it was time to put some miles on the clock. 

The next stop was Eynsham in West Oxon, where I picked up a couple of trads before getting another quick one at Cassington Village. I picked up some more trads as I picked my way through the City of Oxford. I had decided that I wanted to get home before 3 o’clock so there was to be one more port of call. This was Wheatley, still in Oxon, where I had my eye on a few CMs. Two in Wheatley and one in Holton were quickly found. So that was that, the end of the trek to Hereford and back. 

What I haven’t mentioned is that I’m working on a challenge cache - GC52N3H - called 360 Degrees of Great Britain. Before the start of the trek I had accomplished 112 of the degrees but now I have 132 so quite a successful journey! Still a lot of journeys to go though! 🙁

1 multi, 16 traditional