23. Nov, 2017

Highwoods Hiatus

I have planned to visit the Highwoods Country Park for sometime now. This very large mixed woodland and open space has a large number of mixed caches and I wanted to turn this green, blue and orange landscape a smiley yellow!

For once, I overslept and had a really late start. I lost two hours caching today but was determined to make the most of it. My caching day started with a quick find at the VS Myland trad and then I set off to find the CP car park. This was a pay car park and as I planned to stay here until about 1500, I put £4 in the meter and set off to the first one on my list. Red Herring was well named but I struck lucky with a quick find. 

There’s a series of trads called Discover High Woods with a bonus on the east side of the park. I spent time tramping from south to north picking them off. I found half of the bonus coords, the northings at the most northerly tip of the park. Unfortunately I missed out on two of the series and it seems that the one holding the bonus eastings has gone awol. 🙁

After lunch, I had a go at the Teddy Bears Picnic Letterbox Cache. The concept of this one was new to me. I had to find a video on YouTube and follow it. It was a speeded up video and I had a chase around the park to keep up. I did play the video a couple of times but eventually ended up at the very well hidden cache. It had to have a fave from me.

For rest of the afternoon, I tramped through the autumn leaves picking off more trads until my money run out. I had time to pick off the splendidly named Via Urbis Romanae - Nanu trad. It’s just the name of the road but it sounds good.

1 Letterbox, 16 Traditional