25. Nov, 2017

Just Over The Bridge

I’d had my eye on that part of Kent just over the QE2 bridge called Greenhithe. It sits nicely between the bridge and the Bluewater shopping centre and has quite a few caches waiting to be found.

It was at GZ of the first cache of the day, a Mystery, just after dawn. Normally the whole of this area would be teeming with traffic but today, being a Saturday, it’s very quiet. I’d solved Chelsea - Champions of Europe, a few weeks ago. It was based on their antics in the some cup but I‘d have preferred it if it had been on Southend. I know of one Mystery based on Southend beating ColU 4-1 a number of times but no more.šŸ™ I had a quick find here this morning and now time to move on.

This was all new ground for me but the caching was made easier because of the lack of people and vehicles. I made quick finds of Newton’s Court, Crimson Crossing and I Can See The Bridge From Here trads before picking off three of the Not The Trackables Challenge series. I’m not sure what happened with thes.šŸ¤” The blurb is about finding certain numbers of trackables so should be Challenges but these are trads. One is a 5/1.5! I had to double check as it’s a generous 1.5/1.5. Is it a protest, I’m not sure but they were straight forward finds on a cold morning. ā„ļø

Due to lack of traffic, I was able to do a real dash and cache at the Magic Roundabout. This was a rather cunning placement but I was up to it. At the next cache, SideTracked - Stone Crossing,  I thought that I could do better than the recent DNFers but I too failed.šŸ™ It hasn’t been found since 2/17 so perhaps the CO should have a visit to check.

I parked up in Charles Street, Greenhithe, a convenient spot for the Charles1, 2 and 3 mini series. I found the two trads quickly and then tackled the multi, a short walk around the neighbourhood gathering answers to railway related questions. It was a quick find at GZ but the cache was precariously placed and it won’t be long before it’s muggled. ā˜¹ļø

Checking my time left and where I was, I reckoned I had time for three more trads before sething off home. A circular walk snapped up Waterstones Gate, Greenhithe Woods and the nearby Asda Off Your Trolley and I was back in the car. No hold up at the Tunnel so a perfect end to another short burst of caching excitement. šŸ˜€ 

1 Mystery, 1 Multi, 12 Traditional