29. Nov, 2017

High Woods Sweep Up

I had unfinished business at Highwoods CP so I was back today to try to bag all those caches that I didn’t have time for last week. I put my 50p in the meter at 0745 which bought me two hours of time. I didn’t have time to waste so I quickly found two trads before working out The Viewfinder Trail #7 multi that had had a few DNFs recently. However no problem for me today.😀

I found another four trads in the south of the park before arriving at the newly published Mayors Spinney. This was tricky but I fathomed it out in the end. Checking my clock, it was time to head back to base. In a straight line path, I found another four trads before getting back to the car with two minutes to spare.😉

After topping up the meter, I was off again but this time following the High Woods Wildlife Trail multi. I could see that I’d already walked some of the route this morning so I decided that I’d better take on whatever caches were on route. I was able to to find the cunning Clump of Stumps and Boat Field trads as I gathered the clues for the multi. 

After a success at the multi GZ, I moved on to another multi at The Viewfinder Trail #6.This is a splendid series of multis and I look forward to getting the rest. After another success, I walked east picking off more trads until I’d exhausted my list. Now it was time to return to the car and set off for pastures new. 

Last week, I’d found a splendid cafe near the Controversial Supermarket so I returned there for a well earned coffee and cake for lunch. Refreshed, I was off to the Mystery cache at Not A Church Micro - A Holy Estate. This was a clever cache and I’ll leave you to understand it when you get here.😀 It was a bit off putting but I got the cunningly placed cache and retrieved a TB. 

For my next trick, I was off to another Mystery Cache based around the Water Tower at Mile End. This was bloody tricky but I eventually found the bloodymindedly placed cache despite giving up twice. 😂 

I had an hour left before I would have to make a move homewards so I parked up in Braiswick and set off on a circular walk that would take in five trads and a multi. Ca is Major was a quick find but Beastmarsta in Trees was tricky. When I read the notes, it was a team job and up a tree which would require a ladder! 😡 However, as I looked around for stuff to help me get up the tree, I noticed parts of the cache on the ground. I had the logsheet, a plastic bag and some swag so I put them all together. Just to make sure, I found enough help to get up the tree to check that another cache wasn’t there. It wasn’t so I put the re-constructed cache in a safe place up the tree and claimed the cache.😀

I had to walk a good mile up to the multi at Mylands Views. However, it was a pleasant walk through parkland but when I got to part one of the cache, I couldn’t progress as the necessary information was missing.😬 So I had to leave this and move on. 

At this point, I noted that my battery was dying and I’d left my spares in the car so I had to move swiftly. I managed to pick up the final three trads of the day before I was out of juice. Luckily they didn’t prove that difficult.😎 So another splendid day wandering around the oldest town in England but I will return as there are so many caches still to find here.

2 Mystery, 3 Multi, 21 Traditional