5. Dec, 2017

Head To Hornchurch - 2nd December

It’s an early shift on this cold Saturday morning. There’s a complication though.🙁 Due to the cold weather over the past couple of days, one of our motors has been delayed in the body shop but will be ready to pick up early doors. So where can I go, that‘s not too far away, has a few caches available for me to get in an hour or so. I’ve unfinished business in Hornchurch so that’s where I’m going to head to. 😀

The traffic was very quiet on the A127 and I arrived at Harrow Park when it wasn’t yet dawn but still light enough not to need a torch. There had been a couple of DNFs at the Harrow Lodge Park Gates trad but I couldn’t see why as it was exactly as per the hint.

The next cache was another trad - I Only Came In For A Pint Of Milk. I was wondering what this was about. 🤔 It was at Romeo Corner named after Roneo Vickers, one of the largest manufacturers of office equipment in the UK and a very big local employer. 👍🏻 Imagine my surprise when I saw that the factory had gone and replaced by a bloody Tesco! Not wanting to hang around, I quickly found the cache, unhindered by the fact that the hint wasn’t useful or that the coords were out.

I was soon on my way back to Eastbrookend Park. I’d been here a couple of weeks ago and finished the Country Park series. I had realised that not all the numbers for the bonus cache were available so had contacted the CO for guidance. Yes, you’ve guessed, I’m still awaiting a reply! Don’t let me get on my Geocaching hobbyhorse!🐴

I started on the next series in this fine park - Tales From The River Bank. After a tricky first cache which as well hidden, I quickly rattled off the others until I got to Wise Old Frog. Here, I came unstuck. Despite a long search, my best efforts were thwarted.☹️ This amphibian must have hibernated.

I crossed the road to get into Harrow Lodge Park and had a DNF at Fallen Tree. I know that I was in the right place as photographic evidence was on my side but I couldn’t get my hands on it. Conscious of the time, I moved on quickly to Lakeview - Harrow Lodge Park where I had a quick find despite being near a marshalling point for a local fun run. 

Then Geocaching finished for the day. I got the call. ”Your motor‘s ready and when you’ve picked it up, we’re finishing for the day.” There I was in Dagenham but I said I’d be there in 30 mins. It took me 20 to jog back to the car! 😎

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