14. Dec, 2017

What! No Custard??

No, but I found a few post boxes!

Anyway, back to the title, so what‘s in a name? As you’ve guessed, it’s the name of a geocache but what’s it all about? I’ve been there three times now and I’m still none the wiser, even though, I’ve found the cache now.😀

When I looking for a cache, I do what every other seasoned cacher does in order to make the task simpler:- Title, Text, D/T, Cache size and type, Attributes, Previous logs etc.,

Perhaps I’ve missed something so I’m sure that the @geojunkie will have a useful list so I must check.😀 Keep ’em coming, Sarah.👏 So much information in your blogs, sadly no-one indoors has bitten on the waders hints that I’m dropping.🙁

So what use is What, No Custard?? However this is an absolutely cracking cache from the BeastMarsta which I’ll share a little bit more about later but not a scrap of the finer detail.🤔 I don’t know want to spoil any fun or surprise.

BTW, just an update, I’ve booked an early flight out of Southend Airport on Feb 1st to Dublin. After the last minute cancellation due to family illness last 9/11, I’m doing a day trip for GC43. I’ve also had an event on a boat in Maldon published for Oz Day on 28/1. With a bit of luck we could get down to Botany Bay.

Now back to the present or maybe history and let’s bring you up to date on yesterday’s outing. Colchester still figures high on the green dot map so I’m still working that patch. I have 99 lists of caches and yesterday touched on the North Colchester, East Colchester, Weeley area, Essex CMs to find, and Colchester Day lists. I’m pleased to report that 22 green/orange/blue dots have now turned yellow.

So some 30 mins before dawn saw me at the Rien A Grande 1 Mystery in the Greenstead part of the Oldest Recorded Town In The UK. Why so early? I’ve visited once and had no luck at all, because as the text says there’s nothing there. I then realised that there was a UV attribute (see above) so had to buy a UV torch. 🔦 Second time, I couldn’t see anything.🙁 Perhaps the torch was rubbish, it was too light, I dunno, so this time I wanted to be there in the dark. I contacted the CO who at least gave me an idea of the host item. All I found on that were two fluorescent dots and nothing to get to the next stage. So the day started with a DNF. I’m reminded of one of Tom Jones’s classic tunes here.🤫

I’ll digress again briefly, there a cacher in Braintree called Repton who has produced a number of quality puzzles. He actually suggests the tracks, mainly heavy metal, that cachers should listen to whilst working out his puzzles. For the record, I’m listening to some classic rock albums by the American band Cheap Trick who I was lucky to see about 30 years ago.🤔 They are still going strong  and have just produced a Christmas CD. I bought that in one of the best independent record shops around, Slipped Disc in Billericay on Tuesday. Their version of Run,Run, Rudolph is better than the original and Keef’s but Silent Night.😢 I was going to write, Jeez, but that wouldn’t be appropriate, would it?

Time to get back to Geocaching and next up was another Mystery, A Posh Trophy not far down the road. As far as I aware Peterborough United have never won anything but it was a good cache all the same. I could have done withour the long walk to it in the cold biting wind but needs must.😉

Warming up on the short drive down to What! No Custard?? I was thinking where it was was. I’ve been here before and there are so many red herring caches and BOPs, I knew I was going to fail and I did.😢 Did I tell you that I now write up each cache as I find it. I used to put a dot and a fuller log later but one CO complained so I had to alter tack.

I then picked up a number of trads include some of the Board Game Marathon and four of the Stamped series. I also had surveyed five letter boxes and I was just finishing up at the Mary Lane Stamp Cache when a message popped up in my Message Center - “Do you want a nudge on No Custard.” “Oh, yes please” replied I. I took in another trad before I got the nudge. 

Right, google maps reckoned 13 mins back around the lanes in the motor but I went for it. Arriving back at GZ, I went back to where I thought it would be but no luck. I tried a trick that I hadn’t tried before and I know that I should have done, and there was the cache. I opened the bison to get a message “This Isn’t The Cache.” 🤬 Now the next bit was inspired! How did he come up with that? You’ll enjoy GC73R19 when you get there, a very under-rated 2/1.5. 

So back to the list. I’d failed at 028 and 029 : SEBC Great Bromley before. One is a Mystery and the other a Multi. I worked out where the multi was and the tiniest of caches. As I was undoing it, I dropped one half into the leaf litter and that was the last I saw of it.😢 Luckily I had a bison that’ll do as a replacement until I can get back with an exact copy. I’d worked out the mystery cache at home and it was a quick find at GZ.

Down in Great Bentley, I had a quick find of the previously DNFed Footpath Treasure. It must have gone MIA as it was a new box and log and definitely not there last time. Then came the first real DNF of the day - Stream Cache on the outskirts of town. A long walk out to the the trad and although I searched every oak (the hint) within 50 yards and there were a few of them, I couldn’t strike lucky. Either the CO isn’t an arborist or it has gone missing since being found three days ago.☹️

My next port of call was the CM at Alresford. I‘d been here before but couldn’t find the multi but this time I was successful.👍🏻 I’d worked out another Mystery which looked to be down the track from the CM. A clever puzzle, I’d run the coords (no checker) past a previous finder, Frantica who I know and she said that the coords were familiar. So I wandered down the track from the CM knowing that the published coords of Oranges and Lemons were 2.9Km away.🤔 I couldn’t find the thing and a PAF or Messenger conversation convinced me that I was in the wrong place.😡 Hopefully the CO will respond to my plea for help. I find that I only get a 70% response rate, how about you?

So the sun was falling and I had time to get another six trads including two more Stamped and a TB Hotel on the A120 with no TBs and I had none to drop.😀 Guess what today’s photo will be, probably a post1977 Lamp Box manufactured by Carron in Scotland using the Carronade title. 📮

2 Mystery, 2 Multi, 18 Traditional