16. Dec, 2017

TB or not TB?

I’ve always had a passing interest in Travel Bugs and Geocoins. If I find them in a cache, I’ll always pick them up and move them on their way. I know that many cachers collect Geocoins. Some of them are miniature works of art and are expensive to buy so not many are put out into circulation. The odds are that they will be collected but not paid for.😡

As for TBs, I can see the attraction for these. Some of the mileage clocked up by some of them is phenomenal! I enjoy looking to see where a TB wants to go. I once found one that wanted to go to Budapest. Luckily I was going there a couple of weeks later so I held on to it and took it with me. The trouble is finding a suitable cache to deposit a TB in!🤔 Luckily I found a suitable sized cache on an island in the middle of the Danube and left the TB there - mission accomplished. When I got home, I contacted the TB owner, told them that it was in Budapest and wondered what its next mission was. The reply was “to get to Swindon.” 🤣

Anyway, why are I rambling on about TBs? The truth is that I have succumbed.😀 I have bought myself a TB from a certain establishment in Darlington from whom I get all my Geocaching stuff, even at Megas. I’ve always had a good service from them so why go somewhere else.

I may call it Essex On Tour 🤔 or VangeRover On Tour For Real I’m not sure whether to attach it to something as it will become more bulky and less likely to fit in a cache. 🤔

I‘m going to set it free on New Year’s Day, probably at a local event. Its journey will be to visit every county in the UK and I’ll be marking off the counties on the TB page.😀 If it completes the journey and gets back into Essex, I might set it off on another journey to visit every country in Europe. However it will probably fall through the lining of someone’s coat pocket on New Year’s Day and never be seen again.🤬