17. Dec, 2017

Gorging On Caches In Chafford

Well the alarm went off at 0645. Once I’d got ready and had a cup of tea, I could set off to be in Bean in Kent just before dawn. I looked out of the window to see the car was covered in ice!❄️ I wasn‘t expecting that so checked the weather forecast. Freezing fog!! So as for going over the bridge, I’ll give that a swerve, pun intended.😉

It‘s times like this when my lists come in handy. I’d recently noticed that a series of a dozen trad caches had been published around the Chafford Gorges nature reserve. They had been set up to introduce Geocaching to the local Scout group. As the Gorges were about ten miles down the road, the series seemed the perfect solution.

I parked up in the car park of the local supermarket and set off on the cycle track around the reserve. In just over 90 mins I’d found ten well placed caches. I had one DNF but as a number of people hadn’t found it recently and as those who previously had, said that it was in a perilous position, I’ll call it a MIA.🤔 I also picked up a forlorn TB at the last cache.

You may remember that there were a dozen caches in the series. The one that I missed was well Off The Beaten (Cycle) Track. So I’ll have to come back for it as well as the nearby Davy : Mardyke Woods that I need. Maybe the MIA will come back into play. 😀

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