18. Dec, 2017

All These Series Popping Up

I didn’t find any caches today but caching did occur.😀 I had time to check out possible sites for a few caches that I have planned. I also needed to have a look at one of my caches that had had a recent DNF.🙁

Unfortunately in the past few years, ten pubs have closed in Basildon. However, a new series called Lost Pubs has recently started off in the Plymouth area and was looking to go national. I’ve had two caches published in this series and I’m working on another. This one commemerates The Railway Hotel in Pitsea. The system knocked back where I wanted to place the cache due to it being 20’ too close to another.🙁 Hopefully my new placement will meet with approval.

There’s another series trying to go national and this one may have more luck. The Post Code Series started in Scotland and is slowly working its way around. The trouble with this series is that it can only have a finite number of caches as there are only so many Post Codes in the country. On the way home, I spotted a smart place to place a cache to put SS14 on the map. It’s all sorted apart from the series number. Once that is in hand, I’ll send it off for publication.😀

A bit further on from here is the cache that has a recent DNF. CM St Basil’s Basildon has  been muggled once and I moved it ten feet from the coordinates but the hint couldn’t be more clearer. If I made it any more helpful, I’d have to put up a sign with “The Cache Is Here.” 🤔