19. Dec, 2017

Davy Down In Chafford

I noticed that a cache in Chafford on the Davy Down nature reserve - Davy : Mardyke Woods - had been brought back into play. As far as I was concerned, it had gone missing. I‘d previously found the rope that the container had been tied to but no container. šŸ¤” However the CO said that it was still in place. šŸ¤ 

I parked near the old Davy Down pumping station and set off towards GZ. It was a 750 yard walk to get there so hoped that the cache was in place. This time, not only was the rope in place so was a container.šŸ‘šŸ»

Checking up on other caches in the reserve, I’d spotted that there was a lonely TB about 500 yards on from here in Day : Stream. As there are few visitors in this neck of the woods, I thought I’d pop up,there and retrieve it. As I set off, I heard a loud cackling above me and spotted three Ring-necked Parakeets upsetting the Woodpigeons.

I found the cache plus a geocoin so I quickly checked on its quest. It wants to travel around the UK coast and it had only had a fleeting visit to Essex back in 2013. As Essex has the longest coastline of any county in the UK, it needs to spend more time here before going into the rest of East Anglia. With the coin safely zipped up in my pocket, I set off on the long walk back to the car park.

You may remember that last Sunday morning, I’d failed to notice that there was another cache in the series around Chafford Gorges. So I set up google maps for - Off The Beaten (Cycle) Track and ten minutes later after navigating through the Lakeside Christmas shopping, I was parking next to GZ. A quick find of a well hidden suburban cache and I was back in the traffic to go home.

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