21. Dec, 2017

Wivenhoe Wonderment

I was off for a day’s caching East of Colchester and it was cold, misty and mizzly.☹️ I returned to the multi - SEBC029 - Great Bromley 9 - because as you may remember, I’d lost half of the cache last week and had to put a replacement down.🙁 So today, I was back to rectifly matters. I’d ordered a like for like replacement from my favourite geoshop and now it was all back as it should be. 😀

So it was 0830 and I could get on with my caching day. It took me 14 minutes to drive down into Brightlingsea and I parked up near Cousins Cache, another on my DNF list.🤔 This has caused cachers problems and only been found once in the last six or so times that it had been searched for. I looked in all the obvious places without luck until I had one last go and just followed the GPS. What a barst!! We’d all been over-complicating things. I was so glad to knock this one off the list.

On a roll, I tried for another one on the DNF. After faffing around again at the local Stumped, I read all the logs and found that the coords were out and to follow cachers instinct. I did and Result, a quick find. Things are looking good.👍🏻 I quickly picked up the local re-incarnated CM and celebrated with a coffee and a bacon sandwich in a nearby cafe. ☕️🥪🤫

I set off for the Promenade and parked near the open air swimming pool. I had a quick find of Buses Don’t Stop Here, a trad in a sea front shelter and then set out to find a Prom Walk. I’d done some of this multi last year and the coords I had took me back to the Promenade. I was looking for Takar’s Treat and realised that it was the name of a chalet. However I couldn‘t find it. I put the numbers back into google maps together with the N and E and got some new coords a half mile away.😬 At this new GZ, there was Takar and the last bit of info which enable me to find the cache tucked away in the rocky breakwater.

With my business complete in Brightlingsea, I set off for Alresford. I parked up in the unmade road on the way to Sunnymead Farm which was next to Cockaynes Nature Reserve. I’d been to Sunnymead before as it’s quite a hot spot for migrating birds. However today, I was only interested in Geocaching. I picked up a few trads  including the remainder of the Six Penny series but dipped at Natrix Natrix. This wasn’t a surprise as it seems that the coords are out plus all the Sweet Chestnuts had dropped their leaves everywhere covering the ground with about six inches of leaf litter.🙁

After a spot of lunch, sandwiches and an apple, I set off for Wivenhoe. I’d been meaning to come here for years, but now unfortunately there’s not much evidence of the boat building industry left.

1 Earthcache, 2 Multi, 16 Traditional