22. Dec, 2017

Mtce Run

Two of my letterbox caches were visited yesterday. Each cache has a bonus number in it. One of them was reported as was damaged, in the open, and the log sheet was mush. In the other one, the bonus number was missing. The cacher messaged me asking for the bonus numbers. For the series, I bought a set of numbered stamps. So each stamp is the number! 🤔 So the odds were that each cache had been muggled which put the bonus number idea in jeopardy. 

I visited the first cache - Basildon Letterbox Series #2 - and there it was safely tucked away in its hidey hole and completely intact. The second one - #7 was also completely intact and safe. At least the log sheet had been signed here. I’ll let the cacher keep #2 but they will have to return to get the bonus numbers. 🤫

The photo is of two letter boxes in Wivenhoe known locally as Laurel and Hardy. The are the basis of a trad cache which I eventually found yesterday. The one on the right is a rare version of  E2R type B pillar known as a Nigerian. 😎 You may also notice that the one of the left, a type A, has the remains of a Post Office Direction sign on it.