23. Dec, 2017

Bean Counters

On the last caching day before Christmas, I decided to get across the river into Kent and pick up a few around Bean. The plan was to collect some mysteries including some Challenges and a few trads.

I started off with three challenges around Bean. These were simply for having moved/discovered finite numbers of Travel Bugs. Having moved 176,I qualified for 50/100/150 so these were relatively easy finds. Next up were a couple of trads followed by a puzzle VS in Bean and a trad VS in Betsham.

I did all but one of a series called Kiki’s Family Stroll last year around Betsham so I had unfinished business in town. I got to the GZ of #10 and searched around the hint item but again no joy. I then realised that I was barking up the wrong tree, literally, et voila!

I then moved on to another couple of challenge caches. The premise is to gather enough cache numbers to spell out numerals on the DT grid. I only qualify for 1 and 2 as I haven’t found enough 4/2.5s yet.☚ī¸

The last three caches of the day were all trads finishing with the splendidly named Peacocks Crossing. You can see the information sign in the photograph. I must admit that I haven’t seen another like it, is it unique.

Roll on Monday, lets see if Santa has received my letter.🎄

6 Mystery, 7 Traditional