30. Dec, 2017

It’s A New One On Me!!

So there was I, sitting in my lounge, mooching around on Facebook, looking at Geocaching group pages. I was looking at the Essex & Suffolk Piffle Group page and suddenly up popped a message from Yorkie63 announcing an event just starting in Torcross in Devon. It seemed that the E&S Piffle crew were on a New Years jolly in a pub and inviting members of the group to take part via the Internet.

Now this was a new one on me! John aka Yorkie said that all those taking part even those via Facebook could claim the cache. Quote - it’s our event, so it’s our rules - Unquote. So I took part for 30 minutes until the transmission finished and serious wassailing commenced. So what a treat! This hobby turns up so many possibilities, it’s hard to keep up. 

So completely unexpectedly, I was able to claim a cache for virtually attending the event - Tinsel and Toe-dipping in Torcross.

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