31. Dec, 2017

One Event, One Souvenir, Sorted!

Things tied up really nicely here.😀 I’ve been holding an event on the last Sunday of the month all year. However today is a Sunday, New Years Eve and Groundspeak have issued a souvenir to wave the Old Year goodbye so it all worked a treat.

I‘d found a cracking little cafe/coffee house in Ramsden Heath called Hall &Co. so this was the venue. They open at ten and it’s popular with cyclist groups and is dog friendly so I had booked a couple of tables. As we mingled outside waiting for opening time, I announced Nathan and I’s day trip to Dublin in the event that someone fancied it.

Anyway the time flew, the breakfasts were great and there was so much chatting! I must thank all the attendees for coming to my meets this year. After a shaky start, they have been more popular than I can have imagined.

Many thanks to Mathsnut, cazmockett, alistair_uk, Fenners184, Mini F, Izybuzyfingers, GregsterMonkey, RachelnRedd, The Avenue Two, nathanjhunt, Infinison and family for attending today.

My thanks to Frantically, TheCorletts, kareninwb, pitbul99, pippitt, JimHoney, Rinkey, snoopyus, BTL101092, Slaphead59, Whizzer28, Wandafree, Goldilox97, ShiftyDuck, Boomeisters, Vanessa335, grobo59, Boots218, Vanguard3, Bean & Sprout, DRC1808 and Bex2110 for attending meetings during the year.👏

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